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Women Win Wisconsin

Statement On Supreme Court's Recent Decisions and Media's Distracting Rhetoric

July 4, 2024

Women Win Wisconsin is deeply troubled over the recent Supreme Court decisions granting ​presidents broad immunity for criminal acts while in office and overturning the Chevron precedent ​that maintained the regulatory state. These actions pave the way for tyrannical rule, undermining ​the very foundations of American democracy.

While these alarming developments unfold, the news media remains fixated on President Biden's ​performance in a single debate, relentlessly pushing rhetoric that he must not run for a second ​term. This disproportionate coverage not only distracts from the real threats to our democracy but ​also fails to address the profound implications of the Supreme Court's decisions. The media’s ​focus on Biden’s debate performance detracts from critical discussions about the erosion of ​democratic norms and the rise of authoritarianism.

President Biden has led with integrity and dedication, working tirelessly to improve the lives of ​Americans. Yet, the narrative being perpetuated ignores his achievements and instead amplifies the ​divisive rhetoric that threatens our nation's stability. Meanwhile, former President Trump's ​authoritarian tactics and dangerous gaslighting at the debate and elsewhere go largely ​unchallenged, further endangering our democratic principles.

On this 4th of July, as we celebrate our nation's independence, we must reflect on what we ​declared independence from and recognize the perilous path we seem to be treading. Our ​ancestors fought for freedom and democracy, not for a return to tyranny. It is imperative that we ​remain vigilant and prioritize the preservation of our democratic institutions.

We urge the media and the public to refocus attention on the critical issues at hand. We must ​ensure that the values of democracy, freedom, and justice are upheld. Let us remain steadfast in our ​commitment to safeguarding our nation's future.


Flip the 8th. (Yes, It’s Possible).

The N.E.W. Blue Wisco 8th Nominee Fund is a political action committee dedicated to transforming the political landscape of Northeast Wisconsin, specifically by electing a Democrat to Wisconsin’s 8th District. Our mission is to champion the empowerment of democratic women leaders, advocating for democracy, women's reproductive rights, and accountability. We are committed to turning Northeast Wisconsin Blue -- a symbol of our dedication to diversity, equality, and progressive values.

The challenge is real, especially in traditionally red, male-dominated districts. Here, women candidates often face a stark disparity in support compared to their male counterparts or those in blue districts. Yet, the potential for mobilizing "blue" voters in these areas is immense, thanks to a lineup of exceptional women ready to run for office. With adequate backing, these women can turn these "red" regions blue.

At the core of our work is the belief that the future of democracy in Northeast Wisconsin is inextricably linked to the voices and leadership of democratic women. Our primary goal is to raise funds and provide unwavering support to the eventual Democratic Nominee who will run against Mike Gallagher, someone who will stand as a beacon of change and progress in our communities.

To be competitive In the WI-08 House Race, the nominee In the general election will need to be well-funded. Until there Is a nominee, NEW Blue will fundraise for the benefit of that eventual candidate. We will be armed and ready to organize, advertise, knock on doors, host events, or provide whatever support the nominee needs to succeed. The 8th District is winnable. And we can prove it can be a competitive district that our Incumbent must fight to keep his seat.

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Strategic Goals

Our approach is rooted in authenticity, education, and “Midwest Nice.” We believe in engaging positively with the community, building bridges, and fostering an environment where constructive dialogue leads to real change. We are committed to not just raising voices but also lifting spirits, instilling hope and excitement for the future of democracy in Northeast Wisconsin.

Empowerment of Women Leaders

Support female candidates who embody the principles of democracy and advocate for the people in the district, including women's reproductive rights and government accountability.

Community Engagement and Education

Foster an informed electorate through educational campaigns and community outreach, emphasizing the importance of every vote and voice in our democracy.

Fundraising for Change

Secure financial contributions to enable effective campaign strategies for our candidates, ensuring they have the resources to succeed.

Positive and Constructive Engagement

Promote a culture of positive political dialogue and constructive action, focusing on collaborative efforts for community betterment.




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Your support, whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading our message, is invaluable in our quest to turn Northeast Wisconsin and WI-08 Blue. Our vision is a Northeast Wisconsin where democratic values are not just represented but are a driving force for community development and prosperity. We aim to create a landscape where every citizen feels represented, heard, and empowered to make a difference.

Funds raised through NEW Blue will support messaging and organizing efforts to elect Democrats in the 8th Congressional District, with a particular focus on the U.S. House Race and supporting Dr. Kristin Lyerly’s campaign.

Together, we can have the representation we deserve for Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District - a voice in Washington that works for our people, not party loyalty or political aspirations.


Blue Wave



Op-Ed | February 6, 2024

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Women are not without

electoral or political power.

Justice Samual Alito,

Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Org.

Join us. The Blue Wave is Rising in 2024.


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